Get Involved: Support the Anne Sullivan Macy Act!

Young boy holds a magnetic board with his name

A young boy holds a magnetic board with his name

Our current priority is the Anne Sullivan Macy Act, dedicated to helping children with visual impairments thrive in school.

Sign our petition to help students succeed in the classroom, workplace, and their future lives.

Help Students with Visual Impairments Thrive in School

Astronaut, doctor, scientist, poet, or president...a child's dream should always be within reach. But for thousands of children living with vision loss, these dreams die away far too quickly.

Our bright and capable visually impaired students require better educational assistance. Our schools are not properly prepared to help our students reach their full potential.

Very soon, Congress will be considering the Anne Sullivan Macy Act—a bill initiated by AFB. Named in honor of Helen Keller's extraordinary teacher, this legislation will require schools to:

  • Provide braille texts and teach braille to students who need it
  • Offer accessible classroom technology
  • Include orientation and mobility training as part of regular instruction
  • Increase the number of special educators trained to teach visually impaired students

Take Action Today

AFB staff are working day and night on Capitol Hill to identify co-sponsors for the bill, but we can't do it alone. We need as many voices as possible to be heard loud and clear. Please take one minute to complete a simple petition that we'll forward to your congressional representative.